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The Pallina Vegan Glove

The Pallina Vegan Glove


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The Pallina Vegan Glove

This glove was one of our best finds at the 2009 Independent Garden Centers trade show in Chicago. The Pallina Vegan Glove incorporates a number of innovative features to produce a glove that fits comfortably and performs well. And while it’s designed and marketed as a gardening glove, the Vegan is tough enough for some tasks that normally call for a work glove. According to one reviewer, “These gloves are made of sturdy stuff and will hold up to rugged work, such as laying pavers, digging, pruning and hauling." One of our own testers, Amy R., found the gloves “durable and rugged", and also loved the grommeted hole that allows for hanging the gloves on a belt or apron.

Vegan gloves – so named because they contain no animal products – are machine washable and according to the reviewer cited above really do hold up after multiple machine washings and dryings. And their bright red color makes them easier to find / harder to lose in the field or garden.

Available in women’s sizes M-XL.

Features of the patented Vegan, which contribute to the gloves’ functionality, durability and fit, include:

  • Teflon treatment to repel dirt and water
  • Kevlar stitching to ensure durability
  • One-piece finger construction with no annoying seam at fingertips
  • LiquiCell* in thumb, fingers and palm to prevent blisters and add comfort without loss of dexterity (*LiquiCell was developed at the Mayo Clinic to replicate the bursa, a small fluid-filled sac that helps to reduce friction around joints in the body)
  • Terry cloth wrist that can be turned down in hot weather to be used as a brow wipe
  • Bound seams
  • Internally reinforced finger tips that enhance durability and dexterity
  • Grommet and carabiner for easy attachment to clothing
  • Non-slip silicon print on palm, using a proprietary pattern that adds durability and aids dexterity
  • Velcro closure to prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Doylon Spandex back with 4-way stretch for comfort and durability

The fabric in these gloves contains recycled soda bottles, a feature that we love.

The Pallina Sizing Chart

Measure the circumference of the palm of your hand, not including the thumb, around the area of your knuckles.

If you’re on or close to the border between two sizes, choose the larger size if you have longer fingers, and the smaller if you have shorter fingers.

Circumference Glove Size
6.5-7.5" Medium
7.5-8.5" Large
8.5-9.5" X-Large

The Pallina Vegan Glove Reviews

Philadelphia Gardening Examiner review

How we tested: All gloves in this review series were tested in the author's real-world garden with her very own real-world hands. Activities the gloves were subjected to included weeding, pruning, digging, hauling, planting, watering, deadheading, scratching (bugs, you know), wiping sweat from brow and hoisting multiple glasses of iced tea. (Excerpt)

Read entire article

The Pallina, the small Minnesota company responsible for the Vegan, shares our philosophy of having products tested in the field (literally & figuratively!); they’ve worked with and sought input from master gardeners and farmers’ market producers. A few of the comments they’ve gotten:

"I used the gloves for baling hay (500 bales) and the finger section was worn but they still kept my hands extremely comfortable. Hand digging – excellent quality!"
-- Sarah I.

"I tested 10 pairs of gloves for my garden crew. When I called the gloves in, no one wanted to give them back! Need I say more?"
-- Kenna N., Garden Grace

"I got them wet several times and they held up well . . .I’d recommend them."
-- Barbara H.

More recently, a flower grower told John from The Pallina that he’d stripped the leaves off more than 20,000 zinnias, and the gloves were still going strong.

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